Overcome difficulties and become a super learner

Work with a licensed clinician to diagnose any learning differences, put together a plan for improvement, and obtain all the necessary documents for school and workplace accommodations.

DSM-5 level diagnosis

No month-long wait times

Highly-experienced child psychologists

Comprehensive report and growth plan

How it works

Talk to a Care Coordinator and get matched with your licensed psychologist

Families and teachers are asked to complete our Student History form

Clinician conducts an interview with your family and develops a testing plan

Over multiple sessions, clinician conducts a full learning evaluation

Family receives report, including a diagnosis, growth plan, and possible accommodations

Clinicians go over report in detail with families and answer any questions

Why get assessed?

Accurate diagnoses of learning disabilities (like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia) or ADHD

Applications to determine accommodation eligibility for schools and/or special examinations (e.g. SAT, ACT, GRE, private school admissions tests)

Recommendations for special education, Section 504, GATE eligibility, support and services

Growth plan that details helpful suggestions for the student, both at home and at school

Begin your learning assessment