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We understand that as educators you are always striving for your student's success. But when you recognize a student falling behind, it can be difficult to remedy the situation without a clear understanding of their learning profile. We invite you to join forces with us by referring your students to Parallel for any concerns surrounding learning or thinking differences. Together, we can ensure your students are on track and building all of the skills necessary to excel in the classroom and beyond.

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Benefits of partnering with Parallel

Individualized recommendations

Evaluations reveal crucial insights into your students’ strengths and challenges. Our reports are designed with educators in mind and provide proven strategies to help your students excel.

Streamlined communication

Ensuring every student is on track for success is a group effort. We offer tools to easily communicate concerns and track progress between educators, parents and providers.

Objective, data-driven solutions

Our standardized, evidence-based approach ensures more comprehensive diagnoses, better deployment of resources and ability to monitor your students' progress like never before.

Highest quality support

You can always count on us treat your students the way you would. Our personalized approach and community of top providers ensure your students receive the best support.

Help all your students become super learners with Parallel.

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