Behavioral Therapy & Counseling

Elevated mental health support to help students thrive in the classroom and in life

Therapy helps students develop fundamental strategies to manage whatever life throws at them including processing challenges in the classroom and at home by learning healthier behaviors.

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Learning challenges and mental health often go hand-in-hand

Students with learning differences are more vulnerable to experiencing mental health issues like anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. Therapy helps students resolve challenges, regulate emotions, and establish healthier patterns of thought and behavior.

1 in 5

children have a learning difference


of those children have co-occuring anxiety


of those children have co-occurring mood disorders

Uniquely designed support for students with learning challenges

Common challenges faced by students with learning differences may include:

Being treated differently, facing discrimination or being bullied

Coping with academic difficulties at school or at work

Feeling frustrated, or engaging in challenging behaviors due to the difficulties experienced

Our Approach

Our licensed mental health specialists use evidence-based therapy to promote better mental health. Many students pair therapy with other skill-based therapies like multi-sensory tutoring and executive function coaching to maximize results.

Unparalleled ease, service, and results

Work with world-class clinicians to improve mental health.


Certified therapists hand-matched with each student

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Evidence-based support methods guarantee best-in-class clinical outcomes


Personalized support that motivates progress, increases confidence and yields growth


Get support when you need it most, all from the comfort of home 


Powerful, seamless, and comprehensive care without headache 


50% more affordable than traditional mental health support

All of the results, none of the headache

How does therapy with Parallel work?


Meet Your Care Team

Get assigned a care specialist and learning therapist who will work together to support you around the clock


Set Goals

Discuss existing challenges and learning difficulties with your therapist and set goals to work towards


Start Growing

Develop skills with personalized support delivered during regular 1:1 sessions with your therapist

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Behavioral Therapy & Counseling

Focused, action-based therapy for learning healthier behaviors.

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Personalized & Convenient

1:1 sessions with your skilled care team, conducted virtually from the comfort of home

Friendly Support & Guidance

A dedicated team there every step of the way to make coaching sessions seamless

Swift & Visible Results

Measurable improvement is guaranteed. No waitlists or uncertainty, just results.

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Affordable & Flexible Rates

Significantly more affordable pricing, up to 50% less than national averages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the Parallel difference?

Parallel is on a mission to make learning assessments and educational support services more accessible and affordable. Thanks to the software we built for providers, we use their time much more efficiently, so families pay less without sacrificing quality. These tools also allow us to better tailor the assessment and educational support services to your student’s needs, save families time, and enable providers to focus on what’s important–caring for your child!

How do I get started?

Book a free 15-min consultation with one of our Care Specialists here! 

Our dedicated Care Specialists will be able to answer all your questions and help with planning your next steps. If you're ready to start today or have questions about pricing, insurance, or Parallel’s services our Care Specialists will help guide you through the process and answer your questions! You can also call us right away at: 914.377.5655