K12 Schools

Live, online related services & assessments

Parallel, works hand-in-hand with K-12 Districts offering virtual, cross-disciplinary special education services including, psychoeducational assessments and related services.

Schools are strained by unprecedented demand for special education services

As staff are increasingly spread thin, schools struggle to qualify and meet the needs of the backlog of students for special services.

Staff shortage

Know that you are not alone if you are facing staffing shortages. With an increase of retirements and a decrease in clinicians going into education, we are here to support your program and students

Backlog of evaluations & comp time

When you cannot ask your staff to do anymore, we can be there to help fill in the gaps

Short-term needs

We are here to support short-term needs like maternity and FML leaves

Learn how Parallel can transform your school

Let us know how we can help with immediate or upcoming needs. We can support short-term and long-term needs, giving you the flexibility you want, and the coverage you need.

Goodbye to caseload overload

Parallel banishes overload with an all-in-one solution for accurately and efficiently evaluating students, helping them improve, and coordinating their progress with teachers and parents.

Clinical leaders in the industry

Every student is matched with a top-tier school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, special ed teacher, and other providers they love

100% compliance

Fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant and designed specifically to IDEA standards

Flexible pricing

Tiered plans to fit the needs of any school or district

Fast availability

Have our team build schedules within weeks

Nationwide network

Assign as many cases as needed without slowing down or lowering quality

Seamless integration

Direct collaboration with education teams lowers case loads while increasing results

How it works

Full integration and compliance

Get started


Review adoption plan with account specialist

1 hour per school


Integrate schools & onboard students

2 weeks per school


Handoff complete, automated reporting

2 weeks per school

Built by an all-star team of experts in pediatric psychology and education

Read what the research says about tele-assessment

Parallel vs. Traditional Care

Individualized Growth Plan
Provider Matching
< 48 hours
Fast IEP and Accommodations
< 2 weeks
< 6 month
Flexible Scheduling & Rescheduling
Private Sessions from Home
Multi-Provider Platform
Custom Matched PhDs / PsyDs
Dedicated Care Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

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