Executive Function Coach

Leslie Ann Owen, MA

I have been working in education for over 30 years, and in that time, I worked with many students from K-12. I have a keen interest in how people learn and it has been my life's passion and work. In that work, I worked extensively with students at all levels, ages, and learning profiles. My daughter struggled with a learning difference and attentional issues so, on a personal level, I have the first-hand experience to empathize with families and their children. I am a certified coach and I use that expertise to help students and their families move forward.

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Executive Functioning



High School





Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I have seen first-hand that students are capable of being successful. We live in a technological world. There are many opportunities for students who require different tools to access them like never before. With accommodations and coaching, students who need help in their learning environment can be successful. For example, if a student needs executive function coaching, this can make a huge difference now and into the future. I get great satisfaction in watching students grow and improve their skills. The ultimate goal is the release of responsibility, and it brings me great pride when a student is ready to take on the world successfully and confidently.

Share a couple of personal details about yourself aside from your work that would be nice for families to know.

I am the mother of a 24-year-old daughter. She has learning differences and is well adjusted, successful, and independent. I am an avid golfer, a fitness enthusiast devoted to my yoga practice, and a keen interest in nutrition. My husband and I like to travel to golf and surf. I am a Canadian by birth and recently became an American citizen.

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