Unlock your student’s superpowers with comprehensive learning assessments

Licensed clinicians will work with your student through a series of cognitive, achievement and social-emotional assessments. Our process uncovers what impacts your student’s ability to learn, helps them improve their abilities, and assists in acquiring the accommodations they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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What are comprehensive learning assessments?

Our comprehensive assessments cover different areas of a student’s development, including:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Language
  • Academic Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Social-Emotional

For the diagnosis of a learning or thinking difference, a comprehensive psychoedcuational assessment is required. 

Why get assessed with Parallel?

  • Accurate diagnoses of learning disabilities and differences* 
  • To apply for accommodation eligibility 
  • To receive a comprehensive learning profile 
  • To receive a custom growth plan 
  • Convenient virtual assessments
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Timely with no long waits
  • For special education recommendations
  • To gain eligibility for classroom and testing accommodations
  • Section 504, GATE eligibility, support and services

School assessments vs. Parallel comprehensive learning assessments

School assessments determine eligibility for special education services and supports. Comprehensive learning assessments with Parallel cover the basics while going several steps deeper to uncover strengths and weaknesses, detail a learning profile, and provide a plan for the classroom and outside the classroom. School assessments are built solely for schools to understand and utilize while Parallel assessments are also built for families and their children to understand and utilize.

How it works

Get a personalized action plan with your free consultation.
Move from where you are to where you want to be.

Get hand-matched with your specialist

Family interview and goal setting

Sessions with the student begins

Monthly progress checks 

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