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Students with learning and thinking differences have additional hurdles to overcome, leading them to appear unorganized, unprepared, and unable to complete assignments on time. Executive function coaching from Parallel allows your student to build skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

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What is executive function coaching?

Executive functioning skills are essential for students working to become efficient learners. Our coaches support the development and strengthening of executive functioning skills, which influence flexible thinking, planning, self-monitoring, working memory, time management, and organization. Executive function coaching builds these skills over time through a process of planning activities to address weaknesses, setting goals, and reviewing progress.

Why try executive function coaching?

With the help of Parallel’s trained executive function coaches, students are equipped with tools to build and strengthen their executive function skills. The goal of a coach is for their student to gain confidence in becoming an independent learner and problem solver. Parallel coaches are verified through an intensive interview and vetting process. Our coaching is individualized for each student, helping them succeed in school, at work, at home, and in all aspects of life.

How it works

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