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Executive Coaching
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We believe differences are strengths, and some kids and adults just need extra support. We have the providers you need, all in one place. Delivering affordable, convenient developmental support so everyone can succeed.


of kids have a
learning difference (LD)

1 out of 3

kids have to repeat a grade when they don't get the support they need


of kids with LDs also have behavioral challenges

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Expert growth plan, immediately

Get easy and fast access to professional support. We'll listen to what's going on with your child, discuss their needs, answer your questions, and start to develop a plan for growth.

Start Growing

Individualized comprehensive care, from home

Start with an individualized assessment. We can test IQ, attention, learning, behavioral functioning, and more. We'll provide a diagnosis, documentation, and a custom growth plan. Put your custom plan into action with support services like tutoring, behavioral therapy, speech-language therapy, and executive function coaching. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Ongoing Progress

Continued growth, with a flexible care team

Access online, evidence-based care from our provider network. Witness your kiddo overcome their perceived weaknesses and capitalize on their unique strengths. And see real, measurable progress—today and over time.

Collaborative care through customizable plans

We match each unique mind to their own expert care team, who work together to put understanding into action with custom-built, evidence-based services, to deliver the best outcome for the child, not just in the classroom, but in life.

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"Before Parallel, we were trying to set up testing with a doctor who didn't answer emails and who had very little flexibility about testing times. I am a physician and have worked in healthcare my whole life, and I can't give enough praise to the Parallel methodology, from the ease of online scheduling to the rapid response by email and even phone when necessary."

Laura C.

Parallel Customer

Parallel vs. Traditional Care

Individualized Growth Plan
Customized Provider Matching
Learning Profile Docs
< 6 weeks
< 6 months
Flexible Scheduling & Rescheduling
Private Sessions from Home
Multi-Provider Platform
Custom Matched PhDs / PsyDs
Dedicated Care Coordinator
Our network of expert specialists continues to grow

World-class providers — unparalleled care

"Our providers use evidence-based practice, applying techniques that are proven to work and tailoring them to each client's specific needs. No two minds are ever alike, so we work with each client one-on-one to maximize their potential. You can be confident that you'll get the specific support you need."

Dr. Jordan Wright

Chief Clinical Officer, Parallel
ABAP, ABPP Board-Certified

Our Assessments

Gold standard assessment batteries using the most widely-accepted psychological and educational tests to help figure out how each specific brain works.

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