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Overcome learning challenges with personalized psychoeducational support and supercharge your mental fitness—without leaving the comfort of home.

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We help learners who have trouble

with emotions
doing math
with stress
with moods
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Parallel was created to ensure all students, including those who think and learn a bit differently, are given the opportunity to thrive. Our customized services, administered by certified clinicians, are centered around a student’s challenges, strengths, and abilities.

Unlock your brain's potential

Anyone can learn to overcome learning differences and master their mind. We have the holistic team needed to understand how your brain works, design your unique growth plan, and help learners achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

World-class results, without the confusion or the excessive cost

Experience transformative outcomes

We are experts in modern education and adolescent psychology, ensuring your child is receiving the most accredited care. We use technology to engage with students and track their progress like never before.

Meet your dedicated support team

Parallel works as one team with a single mission -- to help your child succeed. We work together to provide your family continuous support and ensure your child is building a strong foundation for long-term success.

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Skip the waitlists and start growing immediately

No family should be forced to wait a year or break the bank for an evaluation. Parallel gives students access to licensed, top-tier clinicians and educational specialists, all from the comfort and privacy of your home! Students are seen within a month for an evaluation.

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Services designed for your unique needs

Parallel providers work directly with your family to understand referral concerns, set goals and determine what success looks like. Each student receives a personalized growth plan targeted at uplifting their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.

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Receive a personalized growth plan based on your referral concerns, desired services and intended goals.


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Watch your child overcome their perceived weaknesses and capitalize on their unique strengths in real-time.

What our learners say

Absolutely fantastic, very different from our last experience

This was very different from our last testing experience. The psychologist made sure my son felt included and gave us really specific ways we can support him at school and at home.

Sarah D.

Couldn't be happier

Couldn’t be happier my daughter’s teacher recommended Parallel. In just a few weeks, her confidence has noticeably increased.

Charlie W.

Grateful we found you!

Our care coordinator was great. She guided us through the process and made sure our questions were answered. Grateful we found you guys!

Taylor L.

Comprehensive expertise ready to listen and help

Thanks to Parallel’s large provider network, we can rapidly assess and improve most learning conditions. No gaps or guessing, just experts whenever you need them.

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We exist for your success

Parallel is simplifying care for learning differences. We use evidence-based solutions to provide care that is supercharged by science and technology to improve the experience, pricepoint, and quality of care

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