Why Parallel?

Most SLP's are massively overworked and underappreciated with bursting schedules and a thousand balls in the air. We're trying to change that.

Less admin, more balance, great pay, calm impact, and a community focused on growth and support. You do what you love, we'll handle the rest.

Healthy work-life balance

Work whenever, wherever. Remote and flexible scheduling for your convenience.

Whether you're coming from a medical background, school system, or degree program, we help you get up to speed at the pace you want.

Flexible Scheduling

Work from Home

Summer Hours

Nationwide Placements

Competitive Pay

Direct & Indirect Hours


Free CEU's (ASHA & NASP)

Great pay & perks

Get paid for all your time, not just student interactions. Looking to expand your network to another state? We reimburse and support you through the cross-licensing process. Save big with our accredited CEU's and other perks.

More impact, less busywork

With tools that help you track student progress, streamline reporting processes, and easily access a wealth of educational resources, you can have more time doing what you love most: helping students succeed!

Intuitive & Empowering Platform

Time-saving Tools & Templates

Evidence-Based Curriculum

School Admin Liason

Gold-Standard Assessments

Holistic Reporting & Care

SLP Leadership Team

Tailored Onboarding

Mentorship Program

Weekly Q&As

Huge Network of SLPs

Supported by Provider-focused systems

Rely on our expert clinical team, former clinicians themselves, as your support system and be part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Apply in seconds. Start in days. Thrive for years.

Applying is quick and easy. We'll fast track your application and get back to you within days. From there we tailor your onboarding to whatever is comfortable while providing specific training for your background.

Quick Apply

30 Second Application

Jumpstart with our fast and easy process

Steady Start

Guided Onboarding

Everything you need to thrive while working with schools

Ease In

Gentle Ramp Up

Adjust comfortably to your new responsibilities with a supportive transition period

School-Specific Training

Bridge to Success Program

Haven't worked in schools before? No problem. We have a proven training system for getting SLPs up to speed.

On-Call Support

Growth Mentor

Have quesions or need to vent? Your mentor is always just a call or text away.

SLP's Love Parallel

Life as an SLP is about to get a whole lot better

Quick Apply

Tailored Onboarding

Mentorship Program

Schools love us too

79+ districts and hundreds of five-star experiences

"The students themselves are walking out of their therapy sessions happy, which is great to see!"

Assistant Principal


“We are your biggest fans!”

SPED Director


"I hear from various staff that they are very impressed with your services. Thanks so much for your flexibility and working with us."

Supervisor of Special Education


"We are very happy with Parallel and the interaction that is happening between providers and the students. We were not sure what to expect as we used a different company in the past. Parallel is definitely a nice change and something I hope that we can continue to use."

Supervisor of Special Education


"This is the first time I have worked with Parallel Learning to fill ancillary staff positions in our school districts. My experience working with the team was great. They found quality Michigan-licensed therapists quickly."

Director of Special Education


"I have been sitting in on the virtual speech therapist sessions and she is amazing with the students! She is engaging, energetic, and very skilled in her therapy approach. The kids respond so well to her!!! I wish we could have her ALL week!!!"

Coordinator of Special Education Services


"It was great to have a staff member tell me they have never heard a student talk so much--those moments with students are the driving force :) "

Licensed Social Worker


You are the most important thing

World-class providers create unparalleled care

"Our Providers are the backbone of Parallel. The happier they are—our SLPs, our School Psychologists—the better they can help their students. Everything comes back to the Providers."

Dr. Jordan Wright

Chief Clinical Officer, Parallel
ABAP, ABPP Board-Certified

Our Assessments

Gold standard assessment batteries using the most widely-accepted psychological and educational tests to help figure out how each specific brain works.

Our Partners