Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neurodevelopmental assessment?

A comprehensive learning assessment by a licensed psychologist that identifies a student's strengths and weaknesses and touches on their neurological, developmental, and behavioral abilities.

What’s included in an assessment?

Assessment includes: Initial appointment, testing sessions, report writing, & feedback session.

Testing (typically) includes: IQ, attention, behavior, & achievement (requires multiple sessions to complete).

How long does testing take?

The assessment usually takes 6-8 hrs in total to complete but varies by student.

The entire process usually takes 2-weeks to 1-month (from the initial appointment to the report delivery).

What’s the Parallel difference?

Parallel is on a mission to make learning assessments more accessible and affordable. Thanks to the software we built for providers, we use their time much more efficiently, so families pay less without sacrificing quality.

These tools also allow us to better tailor the assessment to your student’s needs, save families time, and enable providers to focus on what’s important–caring for your child!

How do I get started?

Whether you're ready to start today or have questions about pricing, insurance, or Parallel in general—book a free consultation with one of our care coordinators! They'll be able to answer all your questions and help with next steps.