Services offered

Do you do group therapy or 1:1 therapy?

It entirely depends on your school’s needs. When appropriate, we can also support small group sessions up to two students. But, again, we customize and tailor the services based on your students’ needs. 

What ages do you serve?

We serve pre-K-12 students. Equivalency studies support virtual psychoeducational assessments for students ages seven and up. For Speech and Language therapy and behavioral/mental health counseling, we start at ages 5+. 

What are the technology requirements?

Given that all sessions are virtual, it’s essential to have the equipment needed for successful sessions. Students join sessions from a laptop or desktop computer. However, we ask that you use a Google Chrome web browser and ensure a stable internet connection. For assessments, you must use a laptop computer and an external mouse.

What is the validity of conducting assessments virtually?

Research has been conducted on how to conduct remote assessments (tele-assessments) in a reliable and valid way. Parallel conducts tele-assessments in alignment with the research support, taking extra care to ensure valid results. As long as a student has a good internet connection and a quiet and private space on their side, tele-assessment data are a valid reflection of their current functioning. 

Are your services entirely virtual?

All of our services are with live-online providers. In addition, we provide tangible materials which coincide with the services offered. For example, we provide a testing kit that accompanies the psychoeducational process. Finally, our services are individualized for each student, helping them succeed in school, work, home, and all aspects of life.

Are you teletherapy?

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. A. Jordan Wright, is a leading Child and Adolescent Psychologist based at NYU. With Dr. Wright’s leadership, we have established exclusive partnerships with some of the most widely used testing publishers, such as Riverside and Pearson. In addition, our clinicians have extensive experience working with students in virtual settings and have performed thousands of online assessments. Our providers use evidence-based practices and are licensed in the same state as their students.

What services do you provide?
  • Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessments 
  • Speech and Language Therapy 
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Therapy
  • Executive Function Coaching 
  • Multisensory Skill-Based Tutoring (Reading / Writing & Math)
  • Social Work

Getting started

Do you use Zoom, GoogleMeet, or another platform?

We have our own proprietary, user-friendly platform, which is HIPAA / FERPA-compliant. 

How much does it cost?

We have a few pricing options dependent on your caseload and/or the number of assessments your program may require.  Our pricing is designed to provide the services you need with the flexibility your ever-changing programs need. Our mission is to make services accessible and affordable for districts.

What does it take to get started?

Step 1: Talk to our Team 

Step 2: Caseload Review

Step 3: Sign a Contract

Step 4: Get started with our assigned implementation lead 

Step 5: Develop clinical processes with our clinical lead


Does someone need to be watching the providers and students?

Legally students need to have some sort of general supervision. However, you know your students best; some may require direct supervision. We would be happy to share some of the most accessible and creative ideas districts have come up with.

Do your providers attend IEP meetings?

Yes, absolutely. Our providers will parallel the exact role of an in-person provider.

Can you provide supervision for SLPAs?

On a state-by-state basis, we can provide supervision for SLPAs.  

Who are your providers?

Parallel providers are licensed and credentialed in each state. We verify providers through an intensive interview and vetting process. All of our providers undergo an intensive onboarding and training process. In addition, we allow schools to review providers to ensure they are the right fit for your team. 

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