Executive Function Coaching

Develop self-functioning skills to excel in a hyper-stimulating world

Coaching helps students cultivate skills that help in every facet of life, including adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.

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Every day is filled with distractions

Executive functioning issues often go hand-in-hand with ADHD, but kids without ADHD can struggle with them as well. Luckily, coaching can help students build more effective life strategies and habits to overcome these hurdles.


of children under 18 years old have ADHD


of those children have co-occuring anxiety


of those children have co-occurring mood disorders

Strengthen the ‘real-life’ skills that every student needs

Learn to manage time and stop waiting until the last minute to complete tasks

Develop a systematic approach to note taking, test taking, homework, or essay writing 

Keep track of materials and stop misplacing personal items 

Keep organized personal or work spaces, folders, or computer files

Improve self-monitoring and self-regulation strategies at school and home

Personalized support to help students reach their goals faster

Our highly trained learning specialists use evidence-based organizational methods to develop the ideal curriculum for students by integrating the principles of emotion regulation, organization, and planning with continuous progress checks.

Unparalleled ease, service, and results

Parallel maps student learning profiles, designs tailored growth plans, and provides world-class clinicians to help thrive in classroom and beyond.

Learning Specialists

Certified learning specialists hand-matched with each student

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Evidence-based teaching methods guarantee best-in-class clinical outcomes


Personalized curriculum that motivate progress, increases confidence, and yields growth


Get support when you need it most, all from the comfort of home 


Powerful, seamless, and comprehensive care without headache 


50% more affordable than traditional executive function coaching

All of the results, none of the headache

How does Executive Function Coaching with Parallel work?


Match Your Care Team

Get assigned a Care Specialist and Learning Specialist who will work together to support you around the clock


Set Goals

Discuss existing challenges and learning difficulties with your learning specialist and set goals to work towards


Start Growing

Develop skills with personalized curriculum delivered during regular 1:1 sessions with your learning specialist

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Executive Function Coaching

Develop lifelong learning and thinking skills. Skill-specific tutoring also available.

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Personalized & Convenient

Every session is one-on-one with the provider, customized to each student, and conducted virtually from the comfort of home.

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The Care Specialist is there every step of the way to answer questions and make sessions as seamless as possible.

Swift & Visible Results

Sessions can begin within days. No waitlists or uncertainty, just results.

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Affordable & Flexible Rates

Parallel's innovative, digital-first approach doesn't just facilitate more effective results, it also enables significantly more affordable pricing, up to 40% less than national averages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why try Executive Function Coaching?

With the help of Parallel’s trained executive function coaches, students are equipped with tools to build and strengthen their executive function skills. The goal of a coach is for their students to gain confidence in becoming independent learners and problem solvers by building upon study skills, organization, time management, task analysis, and prioritization. Parallel coaches are verified through an intensive interview and vetting process. Our coaching is individualized for each student, helping them succeed in school, at work, at home, and in all aspects of life.

Who is a good fit for Executive Function Coaching?

EFC is a great fit for people who:

• Struggle to keep track of materials, lose personal items frequently
• Struggle to manage their time efficiently, often wait to the last minute to tackle tasks, rush through assignments and miss important details or deadlines
• Lack an approach to note-taking, test taking, or essay writing
• Have difficulty maintaining organized work spaces, folders, computer files or personal spaces.
• Would benefit from self-monitoring and self-regulation strategies for school and at home.

What is Executive Function Coaching

Executive functioning skills are essential for students to become efficient learners; the "learning to learn" skills. Our coaches support the development and strengthening of executive functioning skills, which influence flexible thinking, planning, self-monitoring, working memory, time management, and organization.