Executive function coaching (EFC)

Executive functions are a set of mental skills that people use every day to actively engage in daily life skills, learning, performing, and socializing.

What’s included in our EFC program?

Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS)

Time management & prioritization skills

ADHD support

Self-advocacy & independence

Unstuck and On Target (OUT) program

Organizational Skills Training (OST)

Industry-Leading Research & Whitepapers

What our schools say

79+ districts and hundreds of five-star experiences

"The students themselves are walking out of their therapy sessions happy, which is great to see!"

Assistant Principal


“We are your biggest fans!”

SPED Director


"I hear from various staff that they are very impressed with your services. Thanks so much for your flexibility and working with us."

Supervisor of Special Education


"We are very happy with Parallel and the interaction that is happening between providers and the students. We were not sure what to expect as we used a different company in the past. Parallel is definitely a nice change and something I hope that we can continue to use."

Supervisor of Special Education


"This is the first time I have worked with Parallel Learning to fill ancillary staff positions in our school districts. My experience working with the team was great. They found quality Michigan-licensed therapists quickly."

Director of Special Education


"I have been sitting in on the virtual speech therapist sessions and she is amazing with the students! She is engaging, energetic, and very skilled in her therapy approach. The kids respond so well to her!!! I wish we could have her ALL week!!!"

Coordinator of Special Education Services


"It was great to have a staff member tell me they have never heard a student talk so much--those moments with students are the driving force :) "

Licensed Social Worker


Liberate your staff, empower your students

With our proprietary technology and vast network of expert providers, get the flexibility you want, the coverage you need, and the care your students deserve.

Work with a special education teacher to identify students' needs & goals
Students will receive individualized, evidence-based executive function coaching services
Ongoing support & clinical oversight from a new member of your team
Reduce backlog
Balance workloads
Short wait-times
Fast turnaround
100% online
Clinical oversight
Reduce backlog
Balance workloads
Short wait-times
Fast turnaround
100% online
Clinical oversight

Everything to improve organization and self-management

Executive Function Coaches teach students how to become more efficient learners by working with students to build confidence and independence.

Develop life-long skills

Organization, time management, prioritization, and study skills

Build independece and self-control

Self-advocacy and independence within their learning environment

Master time and focus

Develop systems and ways to plan ahead, stay focused, take efficient notes, and more

Expert Providers

World-class special education teachers

Explore our vast, nationwide network of expert providers that work together with education teams to deliver the best outcomes for your students.

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The professionals you need, the flexibility you want

With live-online services we are able to find related service professionals that will not compete against your ability to hire individuals in-district. We can reach IEP and 504 students from multiple sites, and offer flexible scheduling and pricing options.

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