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Allison Lewis-Fleming, M.Ed.

I am an accomplished educator and learning specialist with proven experience as a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, and curriculum writer. My work focuses on executive function, students with ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, language-based learning differences, dyscalculia, and creating collaborations to improve performance. In addition, I served in many capacities in independent schools in the DMV and Delaware Valley regions. I taught elementary reading and math, middle and high school math, and social studies. I was the math coordinator at Friends Community school from 2008 to 2013. I hold a Master of Arts in Education from Arcadia University. I received Associate Level training in Orton-Gillingham instruction in 2007 and completed Fundations Levels 1 and 2 training from Wilson Language Training in 2012. I have participated in intensive workshops on multisensory strategies for teaching mathematics and reading. I work with clever and creative students from grades K to 12th-grade, collaborating with them to untangle their learning web.

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Share a couple of personal details about yourself aside from your work that would be nice for families to know.

I am the daughter of a veteran teacher and three outgoing teenage daughters and one toddler son. We live in Maryland in a small city between Baltimore and Washington, DC. Along with my passion for serving the students and families of the community, I enjoy physical fitness, family camping at the beach, and teaching for social justice.

What would you say to someone who is very anxious about learning problems in school?

Anxiety has a really good reason for being there. Your brain is great at protecting you. ​​Sometimes your brain gets a little overprotective. That’s kind of understandable. You’re pretty brilliant at a lot of things and the world needs you. Your brain is in charge of keeping you safe and it takes its job very seriously. It’s a relief to know the ‘keep me safe’ switch in your brain is working. (Phew!) When it comes to school, your brain can sometimes read it as a threat, even though it isn’t. That’s because school is a bit different from home – there are new people, different things and routines, you’re away from your parents, sometimes it’s noisy, and sometimes you don’t really know what to expect. To a brain whose job it is to protect you, that can feel like a really big deal. You’re brave. You’re strong. And you’re okay. Here’s why: ♥ Your family sends you to school and they care about you. ♥ Your I am here and on your side and would never ever let anything happen to you. ♥ When we work together your brain gets stronger, so it can be even more amazing. ♥ Each session with me you’re doing fun things to learn new skills … ♥ You’re brave and you can handle math, reading, writing, and organizing your materials no matter what.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I teach for the children—for the people they are and the people they will become. I teach to the vibrant; economically, ethnically, racially, linguistically and neuro-diverse, because I believe in the power of education to transform lives. As a teacher, I am an advocate for my students and their families. I strive to understand their needs in the context of equity and diversity, as well as diagnose and prescribe the best plan of action to meet those needs. As a learning specialist, I am dedicated to understanding an individual child’s learning challenges, and the patterns and behaviors he has developed to work around, or mask, his deficits. I design learning experiences so the students will make connections on a personal level, cooperate and communicate effectively with one another, and reflect upon ways to improve and celebrate their own actions, skills, talents, and abilities.

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