Learning Specialist, Executive Function Coach

Ashley Carroll

In the beginning of my career as an educator, I started as a high school English teacher in Los Angeles. Many of my students had learning differences, some of them diagnosed–others not, and I learned many ways to assist and advocate for in-class accommodations and resources. During my doctorate in Educational Psychology coursework, I worked in a university center serving only students with learning differences. Through my weekly appointments with these enrolled students, we would work together to ensure the interventions were effective for that individual–and make adjustments when necessary. Since the completion of my degree and principal certification, I have been an administrator and teacher mentor in two schools, a PK-12th international school and a middle school in Arizona, and a university professor in the teacher credential program at two universities–teaching other teachers research-based strategies for effectively teaching students with learning differences.


Reading Disorder

Writing Disorder

Math Disorder

Executive Functioning




Elementary School

Middle School

High School





Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I am passionate about applying psychological and learning theory, research, and practice in order to improve the lives of students and improve/promote their social and emotional wellbeing. I enjoy supporting the success of students, teaching life-long skillsets, and contributing to the research and development of individuals with learning differences.

What gets you excited about Parallel?

Parallel uniquely gathers detailed information about the student’s individual’s strengths and challenges from detailed assessments regarding the student’s learning, social, development, and behavior and personally matches that student with an Executive Functioning Coach to oversee and individually adjust the success plan for that student based on a range of scientifically-based practices. I align with Parallel’s approach to work with the whole student and to establish a personalized, lasting relationship with a commitment to that student’s success.

Share a couple of personal details about yourself aside from your work that would be nice for families to know.

During my time away from education, I enjoy being outdoors and traveling. I partake in many adrenal-seeking sports, such as surfing and snowboarding, and more subtle activities such as yoga and meditation. My independent traveling started with a study abroad program to Italy and has since extended to nearly 30 different countries. I thoroughly enjoy touring schools abroad, learning about various cultures, and trying a variety of foods and flavors.

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