Brandi Coggins

My name is Brandi Coggins, M.S., CCC-SLP  and I’m a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who has ASHA certification. I’ve been practicing for eight years. I have worked in a variety of settings throughout my career. Some of the settings I’ve worked in include home health pediatrics, outpatient pediatrics, skilled nursing facility with the geriatric population, and over 6 years in the school setting working with both face-to face and virtual services with students preK-21. I have experience with a variety of communication disorders for both adults and children, including cognitive disorders, aphasia, language impairments, phonological impairments, social/pragmatic disorders, and fluency. I’m originally from Texas but recently married and moved to Illinois.


Receptive Language Disorder

Expressive Language Disorders

Phonological and Articulation Disorders

Fluency Disorders



Elementary School

Middle School

High School





What advice would you give to a family who is on the fence about signing up for a learning assessment (or counseling/therapy)?

There is no risk in having a speech and language evaluation. If they are on track you've only spent an hour of time for peace of mind. If a delay is identified a plan can be made to fit the need(s).

What would you say to someone who is very anxious about learning problems in school?

We all learn in different ways. When something is harder to learn it it can make you a stronger person.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I struggled with my speech as a child and I feel like my struggles can be used as a motivational tool for someone else.

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