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Britany Entrekin

As an executive functioning coach, I collaborate with clients in identifying limiting beliefs, shifting mindsets, and creating attainable, relevant goals. I have a background in both the social work and academic fields and have training in coaching and case management. I have developed tools and resources to assist clients with building executive function skills and overcoming hurdles they may face in achieving their goals. I believe in practicing self-compassion and cultivating trust as I work with clients.

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What was your path to becoming a provider?

For several years I was a teacher to middle and high school grades. I loved working with students, but I soon realized that there were more hinderances for many students than simply comprehension. When I took an opportunity to work in a group home as a learning coach, these hinderances were even more evident, because the population needed targeted assistance in building executive functioning skills. I developed a passion for working with clients on these skills because I saw that all other parts of life, not just academic, were impacted by executive dysfunction. I was trained and certified as a cognitive behavioral life coach, and then I pursued a credential in case management and interventions. These trainings are the foundation for my coaching because I believe that cognitive distortions can be created because of executive dysfunction, and I believe a strategy-centered approach with a present focus is an excellent coaching method for executive functioning.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

As someone with ADHD, and as someone who has taught many students over the years, I know that learning differences can feel like a character defect. It is so important to me to empower students and clients with the belief that learning differences do not make them "bad" or "wrong" - it just means they need different tools to succeed! I love being a part of rewriting that narrative and equipping clients with those tools.

More about Britany:

I have personal experience with ADHD, both with my own diagnosis and with those of my friends and family! I know it presents with challenges, but it also comes with a lot of uniqueness and creativity! I have a big husky mix named Remus; he's goofy and hyper, and an absolute joy! I would live at Disney World if I could - it's my happy place!

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