Dr. Elissa Cazassus, Psy.D

Elissa is a licensed psychologist in the state of New York who has worked with the birth through five year old population for more than twenty years. She earned her doctorate in School and Clinical Child Psychology from Pace University, in addition to her Masters in School Psychology. Elissa also has a Masters in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. Her specialties with the 0-5 population include language disorders, behavioral difficulties, and autism spectrum disorder. Elissa also has her certification in School Psychology in New York, Maine, Washington and Michigan. She is currently conducting remote evaluations for the NYC DOE and RSU73 in Maine, working with Kindergarten through fifth grade students.

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Reading Disorder

Writing Disorder

Math Disorder



Elementary School





What specialized training or population-specific expertise do you have?

I became interested in the birth through five population while working on my doctorate. For this reason, I did my clinical internship in a special education preschool program. I have continued working with this age group since that time, as it brings me an incredible degree of joy and satisfaction.

What was your path to becoming a clinical psychologist?

My initial plan was to go to medical school to become either a psychiatrist or a pediatrician. My undergraduate psychology program was very science-based and included animal dissections. Once it became clear that cutting into a living being was not in my wheelhouse, I quickly shifted to thinking about pursuing a doctorate in child psychology.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

Over my many years of working as a psychologist I have seen the benefits of early intervention, and of not so early intervention. Once a child and family can embrace the fact that not all children learn the same way or on the same timeline, there is so much that can be done to help children reach their potential.

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