Jaime Savoie, Psy.D

Dr. Savoie is a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist in New York who has conducted many evaluations for K-12 students in both educational and residential settings. Dr. Savoie is experienced in providing evaluation services for a variety of educational and mental health concerns including learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and behavioral disorders. She earned her doctoral degree in psychology from the University at Albany. Dr. Savoie currently works as a school psychologist and as such has extensive experience in providing evaluation and clinical services to school-age children and adolescents. Dr. Savoie also previously worked as an adjunct professor at Siena College and understands the needs of college age individuals as well. Dr. Savoie has worked with many children and adolescents with educational, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders and enjoys working with culturally diverse populations.

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Writing Disorder

Math Disorder

Executive Functioning





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What advice would you give to a family who is on the fence about signing up for a learning assessment?

My advice to someone on the fence about signing up for a learning assessment would be that these types of assessments yield valuable information about your child as a learner. Through learning assessments we are able to gather information about your child's strengths and weaknesses and provide individualized recommendations based on your child's needs to help them succeed and reach their full potential academically. In my experience, families generally see the value in going through this process, as the information gained helps support their child's academic needs and goals.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I'm passionate about helping children and adolescents with learning differences because I feel that all children have strengths and possess the capacity to be successful. I enjoy working with students to find their unique strengths and help them to feel confident in those areas. I also enjoy helping to identify areas of weakness and working with students, families, and educators to develop individualized supports and accommodations to remediate those areas of weakness and help all children to find success academically.

What would you say to someone who is very anxious about learning problems in school?

Some level of anxiety about learning problems in school in normal and understandable; however, learning problems are fairly common among students and as psychologists, we know of many strategies, interventions, and accommodations that work to support student's needs in those problem areas. My goal as a psychologist is to work with students and families to reduce their anxiety around learning problems, help to identify the specific areas of need and strength, and then develop a plan for addressing those needs to help the child experience success.

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