Learning Specialist

Jennifer Tooley

I am dedicated to helping others and believe education and experience are the keys to success. I am a person with a life-long learning disability and am aware of the resources and encouragement needed to thrive in the classroom and beyond. I love learning and no matter where I travel, I try to learn a new skill that helps me grow with each new adventure.

Over the course of my career in education, I have excelled at meeting the needs of many students across the nation at both the high school and middle school levels. I have professional experience in both leadership and teaching roles where I supported diverse groups of students with multitudes of disabilities. My skills in differentiated instruction, utilizing assistive technology, and mastery of best practice academic support interventions were recognized in 2017, when I was named "High Impact Teacher 2017" by the State of Florida for being able to leverage such skills into improved student achievement and performance. I am very proud of my years of demonstrated public education leadership skills, highly effective special education academic support practices, and dedication to collaborative academic success within diverse school settings throughout the country.

I was raised in a Navy family and lived all over the United States when I was a kid.  I am learning how to keep honey bees and look forward to owning a bee box in the near future. I absolutely love the waterfalls found in the Pacific Northwest. I own a Chocolate Labrador named Bowden and he has driven across the USA two times over the last 5 years with myself and my husband.


Executive Functioning

Reading Disorder


Learning Disorders



Elementary School

Middle School

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What advice would you give to a family who is on the fence about getting their child cupport?

When you have a team of people helping your child we are also, here to help and empower you as their parent. The support you and your child receive today will give you both the confidence and tools to positively navigate many of life’s obstacles.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I personally know, as a person with a life-long learning disability, the demands an academic curriculum creates and the value of having a professional support network. Such support provides a safe space for students to ask for assistance and get the services they need to push themselves academically and accomplish their goals. I genuinely cared about the success of students with learning differences and will always advocate for them as I have done in my teaching career and in my own life. It is a privilege to pass the torch forward and help the next generation of students with learning differences by utilizing my education, professional experience, and personal journey.

What gets you excited about Parallel?

Parallel Learning is a company I am excited about because they get it. Students, parents, teachers, and school districts across the country need help and the people of Parallel Learning are using technology, evidence-based practices, and common sense holistic methods to simply help support families and make a true difference in the lives of students across America.

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