Lacey Carter, MS-CCC-SLP

Lacey Carter

Hello! I am Lacey (she/her), and am a speech and language pathologist that greatly appreciates being in the mountains, eating (and making) yummy foods, a good movie, and spending time with my little family. I have been working in the field for 11 years, and have worked in most settings (aside from hospitals) with a myriad of really wonderful people. The folks I have met through this career have enriched my life and continue to shape my perspective each day. I am a lucky lady!

My family and I have recently re-located to TN, where I was raised. We were so lucky to have spent many adventurous, wonderful years out West. The mountains, red rocks, snow, trails and people from all walks of life have filled my cup to the brim! In 2021, I became a mother- which has been the most wonderful and wild adventure of them all. The little one of ours is a constant reminder to remain humble, willing to learn, grow and change! Since our move, we have enjoyed porch sitting, outside exploring and spending time with some sweet family.


Social Skills

Differential Diagnosis

Group Instruction

Reading Disorder

Writing Disorder


Motor Speech Disorders

Swallowing disorders

Fluency Disorders

Phonological and Articulation Disorders

Expressive Language Disorders

Receptive Language Disorder

Play Therapy

Managing Learning Differences



Elementary School

Middle School

High School







What advice would you give to a family who is on the fence about signing up for a learning assessment (or counseling/therapy)?

Go for it! It is ok. You are a great parent, and that does not change if you and your child may need to support of other folks. It can be daunting, but please remember that the team (you, your child, support services, etc.) is meant to be collaborative and visionary in supporting your child (and you) along their journey. Never hesitate to lay out your concerns, advocate, question, and all of the things in between. You know your child best, and your perspective is invaluable in how we serve them.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

Our understanding of who we are is shaped so heavily by those that we are around, and I want to be a voice that they hear long after they leave my class that says "I am more than enough, I deserve love, kindness, goodness, and the opportunity to be just who I want to be."

What would you say to someone who is very anxious about learning problems in school?

You are more than enough right now. You are amazing! No amount of learning challenges, differences, preferences, time -anything- changes that. If you have people who help support you in your learning challenges, it is not only ok, but it is encouraged that you let them know when things are hard, when things seem to be helping, or when they need to make changes to best support you. We want you to have good experiences with school, and in life, and will do our best to make sure we support you in that journey.

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