LaToya Favre

I am a licensed psychologist providing assessment services across the country via telehealth. I work with most ages, from young children to geriatric adults. Providing testing services is very rewarding, in that I can help people give a name to the difficulties they have been experiencing.

My area of expertise is within objective and projective testing and am very knowledgeable about report/testing procedures that are required to receive accommodations in college and on professional licensure/entrance exams. I am skilled in assessing ADHD and LD in children as well as conducting neurocognitive exams in aging adults.





Executive Functioning

Learning Disorders

Math Disorder

Reading Disorder


Writing Disorder


High School

Middle School

Elementary School





What was your path to becoming a clinical psychologist?

I have always been curious about human behavior and how we think. I decided to pursue graduate training in this field because I also wanted to "do something" to help people improve their behavior and thinking problems.

What would you say to someone who is very anxious about learning problems in school?

Feeling anxious about learning problems is completely normal and understandable. We often feel anxious when we are having a difficulty or believe that we are not performing as we would like.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

In my therapy work, I have experienced the positive difference that a diagnosis (i.e., SLD, ADHD, ASD) can have on an individual. For most, the diagnosis is a method of validating that their struggles "are real." I enjoy helping others learn to work with their learning differences and reduce the stigma associated with their difficulties.

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