Speech-Language Pathologist

Marianthi Hatzis

Marianthi received her Bachelor’s and Graduate Degrees in Vocal/Opera Performance from Indiana University, Bloomington. She performed professionally as an opera singer, studying and singing in multiple languages including Greek, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. In efforts to customize a career, Marianthi sought out Speech-Language Pathology and received her Assistantship license, the perfect combination to maximize her passions and expertise in medicine and the voice. As an SLPA, her career in opera has given her a unique and hands-on approach to understanding language, communication, vocal anatomy and hygiene to provide a full-circle understanding for treating her clients.

Marianthi has enjoyed working with a wide variety of children and adolescents with different etiologies and communication disorders. She is a native Greek speaker raised fully in the culture and enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds. She has worked with children and adults with voice disorders, autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, expressive/receptive language disorders, language/auditory processing disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, stuttering, and verbal apraxia. She believes that the support around the client is detrimental to success and encourages family participation.

Marianthi is a passionate SLPA with an enthusiastic work ethic and empathetic understanding of her clients. She has a passion for helping her clients find confidence in their abilities and empower their voices to let their individuality and capabilities shine through. She hopes her clients always feel her compassion and drive to bring the best possible outcome in their therapy plans!

Speech-Language Pathology Credentials/Specialties

ASHA speech-language pathology assistants (SLPA) certification

Voice / Resonance Disorders

Receptive Language Disorder

Expressive Language Disorders

Phonological and Articulation Disorders

Fluency Disorders

Swallowing disorders

Motor Speech Disorders





Elementary School

Middle School

High School





What advice would you give to a family who is on the fence about signing up for a learning assessment (or counseling/therapy)?

The advice I would give to a family who is on the fence about signing up for an assessment is to validate that knowledge is power. Signing up for an assessment can only benefit an individual/family by discovering root causes of problems to create a therapy plan. If there are no concerning findings in the assessment, then great! If there are concerns, that's also great! There is a team of experts behind Parallel ready and eager to change a life! I am always an advocate for elevating and promoting a student's abilities and best outcome!

What was your path to becoming a provider?

My path to becoming a provider came from a combined passion in medicine and music. At 13, I fought and beat Stage 4 Lymphoma which taught me invaluable knowledge about the medical world. Years later, music took over my life and I had to give in. I ended up rerouting to chase my dream and pursued opera performance, singing professionally for years after receiving my undergraduate and graduate degrees in opera. Eventually, Covid-19 brought opera to a halt and I discovered speech-language pathology which became the perfect blend of my passions in the medical field and in music. I finished my post-baccalaureate program in Speech-Language Pathology and immediately got my Assistantship license to start my work in the field! My long term goal includes opening my own Voice Clinic for Performers to diagnose and treat individuals that overuse their voice!

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I am passionate about helping students with learning differences because I believe we have all been in a frustrating place when it comes to learning. As different as our DNA is, our learning needs are different just the same! Whether there is a language barrier from a foreign family, speech impediments that interrupt conversation, or expressive/receptive language disorders, learning differences can appear in many different outlets. Working in therapy can not only bring confidence back but also reassurance that these problems are okay and the student is not alone in their frustrations. The therapists at Parallel are here to make a difference in these students' needs.

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