Speech Language Pathologist

Michelle Mendez M.A., CCC-SLP

My name is Michelle and I am a Speech-language Pathologist, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and am currently residing in Miami, Florida. Before moving down to Miami, I spent over 3 years working at an ABA-based Early Intervention center for children on the Autism spectrum and providing home-based services for children with a variety of diagnoses and needs. During that time, I also worked as an adjunct professor within the Communication Sciences & Disorders program at my alma mater, St. John's University. Since moving to Florida, I have had almost 4 years of experience working within the public school system and within private clinics, both in-person and via teletherapy with ages 3-18 and a wide variety of speech/language disorders.

Areas of Specialty

  • Social Skills
  • Behavioral Difficulties
  • Group Instruction
  • Autism
  • Receptive Language Disorder
  • Expressive Language Disorders
  • Phonological and Articulation Disorders
  • Fluency Disorders
  • Motor Speech Disorders

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What was your path to becoming a provider?

My path to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist started with my own childhood. Growing up, one of my best friends, who was more like a sister to me, was on the Autism spectrum and had learning differences. I learned from a very early age that not everyone communicates and learns in the same ways. That foundation really inspired me to enter a career where I could help others like her. This has created such a passion to expand my idea of what the relationship between communication and learning can look like.

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

I am so passionate about helping students with learning differences because I believe that we all deserve access to an education that serves us and our particular needs. Education is a right and I love using the tools that I've acquired throughout the years to tailor services to the specific needs of my students and help them learn in whatever way I can!

What gets you excited about Parallel?

I'm so excited to be working with Parallel because they are really pioneering a way for families to get everything they need in one place, with a team approach that will help to eliminate confusion and increase consistency across services.

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