Tenicia Odusanya, LMSW

Tenicia Odusanya

I am an LMSW and have been practicing in the field of social work for the last decade. I have worked with all populations at one point or another and I have recently found my greatest joy is working with students and their families. I enjoy being apart of the process of learning and understanding and I am excited to work with you.

I was born and raised a military child. I have lived in various locations and been fully immersed in cultural difference. I have a deep respect and understanding for all individuals and their life experiences and world view. I have personally attended over 10 schools (Elementary-High school) during my school career.


Social Skills

Social-Emotional Functioning


Elementary School

Middle School

High School





What was your path to becoming a provider?

I have been working at a school for 2 years. I have seen some of my students have a need for individual education plans to be more successful and have been frustrated with the wait time to get these services in place. Finding parallel has updated my perspective that it is possible to get students needed services within 2 months or less

Why are you passionate about helping students with learning differences?

Receiving additional support can make a great impact on how students learn and engage and absorb the academic information around them. It is an honor for me to be apart of the process of students realizing they can understand the material and that a little extra support was needed to see this realization

What gets you excited about Parallel?

I love that parallel is a growing agency. That individuals and school districts see the value in the services being offered.

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