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Access tutoring, executive function coaching, behavioral therapy, and speech-language therapy—all under one roof and delivered by world-class providers. This is full-service learning and development support made easy.

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Comprehensive care for holistic growth

Licensed providers work together to overcome your kiddo's unique challenges and thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Convenient care from home

100% virtual

Modular services

Techniques for managing emotion, actions & communication + skills for the classroom, home and beyond

Expert and collaborative providers

A team of world-class providers trained in effective, evidence-based techniques working together

"Before Parallel, we were trying to set up testing with a doctor who didn't answer emails and who had very little flexibility about testing times. I am a physician and have worked in healthcare my whole life, and I can't give enough praise to the Parallel methodology, from the ease of online scheduling to the rapid response by email and even phone when necessary."

Laura C.

Parallel Customer

How it Works

1. Identify your needs

Work with a expert providers to identify your needs and goals. Speak one-on-one with personal providers. They'll help define your kiddo's needs and design a success plan that's specific to them.

2. Get expert care

Receive evidence-based care from your dedicated team. Parallel provides the best in evidence-based techniques. It's all online, so your child can grow in a place that's most comfortable for them.

3. Keep on growing

Work collaboratively with your team of providers to reinforce new skills. Your Parallel providers will continue to meet with you, so you can solidify your child's growth. Learning takes practice, and we're here to help.


Increase emotional control and communication abilities

Helps kiddos learn strategies to manage whatever life throws at them using a variety of proven techniques, exercises, and playful activities. Certified therapies to overcome everything from anxiety to stuttering.


Supercharge academic and organizational skills

Success doesn't just happen in the classroom. Teaching academics, organization, and more, tutoring and EFC are skills for life.

Overcome all emotive and academic needs with robust & flexible support

Behavioral and educational skills are skills for life. Let's lay the groundwork for years of success.

Individualized success plan
Dedicated care coordinator
One-on-one sessions
Data-based progress tracking
Evidence-based curriculum
Seamless school integration
Comprehensive goal-setting
100% HIPAA compliant
2-12 sessions per month
Ongoing collaboration
Behavioral Support



1st month

Educational Support



1st month


*example rates are for lowest session frequency per month

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Talk to someone who cares. We'll listen to what's going on with your child, discuss their needs, answer your questions, and start to develop a plan for growth.