7 Reasons to Book a Parallel Consultation Today

Curious about Parallel? Want to learn more about what we do and, most importantly, how we can help you and your child? At Parallel, we offer a free consultation as a first step in building a wonderful partnership with you and your family. This 15 minute consultation allows us to get to know you and your child and help us find the right match of providers and care plan for you. Below are 7 reasons to book this free consultation with us today!

1. It’s a chance to talk to someone who cares. They’ll listen to what’s going on with your child or student and provide helpful direction.

2. You can start building the map toward your child’s success.

3. You get a personal 1:1 conversation where we’ll guide you to create a customized game plan for your child.

4. You’ll get an overview of how Parallel can help your child and guide you in the right direction.

5. We’ll provide guidance on the best direction forward and an overview of ALL your options.

6. It’s a great opportunity to explain your frustrations to a professional who really cares and wants to listen.

7. Your care specialist is your cheerleader and personal guide.

If you're ready to talk with us and learn more about how we can get you and your child started down a path of success, reach out today.



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