Black History Month: A Family Guide

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February is nationally recognized as Black History month, a time dedicated to focusing attention on the accomplishments, stories, contributions, and history of African Americans throughout United States history. 

Black History Month started in 1915 when Carter G. Woodson, the “Father of Black History” initiated the first “Negro History Week” on February 7th to raise awareness of Black history. In 1976, Albert Broussard, an Afro-American history professor from Texas A&M, turned the celebration into a month-long event. 

Fifty years later, President Ford officially recognized Black History Month during the 1976 bicentennial. According to, Ford asked Americans to, “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

Ways to Get Involved and Celebrate

There are many ways families can get involved, educate themselves and others, and celebrate during this month and beyond. 

In the Community

  • Volunteer and/or Donate
  • Attend Black History month events in the community

As a Family

  • Cook a special meal together as a family
  • Engage in celebratory arts and crafts

Educational Opportunities

  • Read books that celebrate Black History
  • Visit local museum exhibits 

Resources for Families

There are many wonderful resources available to learn more about these topics. We’ve put together a list of resources for families which are kid-friendly. 

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