Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

Unlock your child's unique cognitive profile and watch them thrive

Deeply understand the way your child thinks and learns best. Identify their exceptional strengths, specific challenges, and get all of the documentation to set them up for success in the classroom and beyond.

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Everyone thinks and learns differently

Not sure why your child is struggling in the classroom? The best way to get a holistic understanding of the source of their challenges is to have them evaluated for learning or thinking differences.


of children have a learning difference


of parents say they couldn't recognize LDs in their children


of educators say they can't effectively teach children with LDs

Parallel uncovers what is truly impacting your child's abilities by analyzing core cognitive functions

Academic achievement

Processing skills

Executive functioning

Logic and reasoning



Behavioral mental health

Social and emotional status

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Receive a personalized roadmap to propel your child’s growth in the classroom

Get a DSM-5 diagnosis, if warranted

Receive personalized intervention strategies

Gain eligibility for suggested accommodations

Secure special education services and classes

Unparalleled ease, service, and results

Parallel maps your child's unique learning profile, designs a tailored growth plan, and provides world-class clinicians to help them thrive in the classroom and beyond.


Top-tier child psychologists hand-matched with your family

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Gold-standard assessments accepted by schools across the country


Support plans that motivate progress, increase confidence and yield growth


Get support when you need it most, all from the comfort of your home 


Powerful, seamless, and comprehensive care without headache 


50% more affordable than traditional psychoed or neuropsych evaluations

What's included?

Everything needed to help your child thrive

Our remote-first system facilitates powerful, seamless, and comprehensive care without the headache or complexity.

All-in-one solution for growth

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Unrelenting quality, unbeatable outcomes

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Flexibile, affordable, conveneint

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Intuitive Case Management & Reporting

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Get real answers, without the headache

How do evaluations with Parallel work?

Learning evaluations can be confusing and emotional but Parallel is with your family at every step. At the end, you’ll have a deep understanding of your child and how to help them thrive.


Meet your Care Team

Get assigned a care specialist, child psychologist and psychometrist who will work together to support your family through the evaluation process


Clinical Interview

Take part in interview with your Parallel psychologist to discuss referral concerns, educational and medical history and goals of the evaluation (50-minutes)


Testing Sessions

Your child works through a series of sessions to evaluate their unique cognitive abilities through various psychological tests (typically 4-6 hours)


Feedback Session

Walk through evaluation conclusions with your psychologist, review final report, and discuss recommendations to set your child up for success (50-minutes)

One Single, Comprehensive Package

Unlock your child's learning today

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation
DSM-5 Diagnosis, if warranted
Formal Documentation
Handpicked Child Psychologist
Designated Care Specialist
Satisfaction Guarantee




Payment plans available

Personalized & Convenient

1:1 sessions with your skilled care team, conducted virtually from the comfort of home

Friendly Support & Guidance

A dedicated team there every step of the way to make the evaluation process seamless

Swift & Visible Results

Have a full report and real answers in two weeks. No waitlists or uncertainty, just results.

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Affordable & Flexible Rates

Significantly more affordable pricing, up to 50% less than national averages

"It’s like I can finally breathe again. Thank you Parallel!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see you question? Ask us!

What’s an IEP?

Our evaluations can serve as a diagnostic guide in drafting IEP's based on the findings of the evaluation and recommendations provided. 

 An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a legal document that outlines the services and supports your child needs to access a free and supportive public education. Families and schools meet together to develop the plan, then use it to create a program individualized to your child's specific needs

Am I a good fit for telehealth assessments at Parallel?

Telehealth assessments are not recommended for clients under the age of 7, nonverbal clients, or clients seeking testing for a potential diagnosis of autism. We also do not provide assessment services for court-mandated requirements.

Do you offer psychoeducational evaluations for adults?

Yes! Our assessments are completed via telehealth by a licensed psychologist that identifies a client's strengths and weaknesses.

What is the process of a psychoeducational evaluation at Parallel?

Parallel’s evaluation services include an Initial Clinical Interview, an average of around three 2-hour testing sessions (this is individualized and can sometimes be more or less), Report Writing, & Feedback Session. 

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

A comprehensive learning assessment by a licensed psychologist identifies a client's strengths and weaknesses and touches on their neuropsychological, developmental, and behavioral abilities.

Psychoeducational Testing (typically) includes IQ, attention, behavior, & academic achievement, requiring multiple testing sessions to complete.

What’s included in an Assessment?

Assessment includes: Initial appointment, testing sessions, report writing, & feedback session.

Testing (typically) includes: IQ, attention, behavior, & achievement (requires multiple sessions to complete).

What is the timeline for assessment turnaround?

Our evaluations are individualized to each client, and clients book their own sessions, so the timeline can vary. On average, the Clinical Interview (first appointment) is scheduled within about 2 weeks. Typically, around 3-4 testing sessions are then scheduled, whenever they are convenient for the client! Once all the information is returned (forms, completed testing sessions. etc.), it takes about 2 weeks to schedule the feedback session.